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All about the Greek gods. Who's your godly parent? Will you chose to join a hunt?
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PostSubject: message to Apollo 2#   message to Apollo 2# EmptyMon Nov 08, 2010 6:25 am

*gets 2 drachma, throws in mist*

Me: hey dad!
Apollo: hey there flop, now whats this about your lyre?
Me: In my defence, the centaur knocked me over,
Apollo: so why you come? Is it because jason came and talked to me?
Me:ummm no Smile actualy i came to say im doing 5th Grade Demi-god clarinet at Camp half blood and im certain of passing!
Apollo: well you are daughter of god of music and healing.
Me: And iam top hunter of Artemis!
Apollo: well congrats!Oh and how is your greek doing, last time i saw you when you wre four you wernt so good at it.
Me: καλά 1η ήμουν τεσσάρων, εγώ δεν γνωρίζουν καν ότι πολύς Αγγλικά, 2ο off δεν ήξερα ήμουν κόρη σε ένα θεό ελληνικό και το τελευταίο off δεν iam ότι καλοί στις γλώσσες!
Apollo: well cya later flop, and good luck with the exam!
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message to Apollo 2#
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