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All about the Greek gods. Who's your godly parent? Will you chose to join a hunt?
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 Message to Artemis 1#

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Message to Artemis 1# Empty
PostSubject: Message to Artemis 1#   Message to Artemis 1# EmptyTue Nov 09, 2010 6:15 am

*Throw dakma(probably spelt wrong) into mist*

Me: Artemis what is going on?
Artemis: I said i would explain later....
Me: You said that earlyier, its later!
Artemis: I can not tell thee,
Me: Iam your top hunter! Why couldnt you trust me?
Artemis: Because you are daughter of apollo, although you are top hunter, and a good one at that, daughter to my enemie does not vote thee well on thy trust.
Me: Even if i wasnt daughter to Apollo, the message f what you say still goes straight to the camp, sooo, Apollo would find out anyway.
Artemis: It is not on the fact you may tell him a plan, it is that you may convince me to stop him.
Me: Tell me, then we can judge on that.
Artemis: iam selling the son of Apollo to the underworld, to Hades.
Artemis: He is top hunter and sn to Apollo,this may show him that thy is not to be doubt or messed.
Me: How can you even give him to Hades!
Artemis: The thing you saw last night with the water and lighting and fire and arrow, that was the arguent between posiden, Zues and Hades, Hades won, so i can. The red arrow was the symbol of that.
Me: As much as i want to suport you, you cant give any demigod, son of Apollo or not, to Hades!
Artemis: This is why i didnt want to tell you!
Me: bu...
Artemis: Trust me, i know what im doing.
*artemis disappears*

me: Oh come on!

*end of Iris message*

uh.... yeh...... Jason be careful .......
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Message to Artemis 1#
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