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All about the Greek gods. Who's your godly parent? Will you chose to join a hunt?
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 Message to Jason Coudray's Mom #1

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Message to Jason Coudray's Mom #1 Empty
PostSubject: Message to Jason Coudray's Mom #1   Message to Jason Coudray's Mom #1 EmptyWed Nov 10, 2010 5:35 am

*throws one Drachma in Mist*

Mrs. Coudray, Jason Coudray's Mother, Rome Italy

Me: Mom, hey, how are you?
Mom: Oh, Jason, you gave me a fright. Oh, well I'm fine, and how are you?
Me: Oh, I'm fine.
Mom: Shocked
Me: Mom, what?
Me: Oh, ha ha, that's why I called actually.
Mom: Mad Go on... I need some explaining scratch.
Me: Well, you know that you left me with Dad.
Mom: Of course I know that... he wanted to show you what he does every day, and I let him.
Me: Yeah. Well, we stopped by and saw Artemis and her Hunters.
Mom: She has Hunters? That makes sense. Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt.
Me: Ha, yeah. Well, Dad said he'd make his own Hunters.
Mom: Two groups of Hunters... but why?
Me: Artemis only accepts Females. Dad only accepts Males. It levels it out.
Mom: It's a fair trade...
Me: That's what I said! Anyway, he asked me if I would be his Top Hunter, and I said yes.
Mom: So you've been out doing dangerous missions?
Me: No... not yet. I'm getting ready for one now.
Me: Smile, I will Mom. Love you, bye.
Mom: Smile... bye sweety*blows kiss*.

*waves hand through mist*
Iris's Voice: Please insert one extra Drachma.
Me: *throws in Drachma*
Iris's Voice: Thank you.
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Message to Jason Coudray's Mom #1
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