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All about the Greek gods. Who's your godly parent? Will you chose to join a hunt?
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 What's up, Dad?

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What's up, Dad? Empty
PostSubject: What's up, Dad?   What's up, Dad? EmptyThu Nov 11, 2010 10:09 pm

ME: *throws in Drachma* Hephestus please, Hawaiian Island Honolulu.
MIST: *falters* Coming up on Hawaii.
ME: Dad! Dad! Turn off your tools for a second!
HEPHESTUS: Oh, hello Justin! Nice to see you!
ME: Dad, I found your IM with Apollo and Artemis, by accident of course.
HEPHESTUS: *rubs chin* You shouldn't have snooped. Did you show Chiron?
MIST: *falters* Can't hold this Immage much longer.
ME: I didn't snoop! But, what kind of, UltimaBolt?
MIST: Say goodbye, I'm sorry young Demigod.
ME: NO! Dad! Dad!
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What's up, Dad?
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