Greek Gods Demigods and Monsters

All about the Greek gods. Who's your godly parent? Will you chose to join a hunt?
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 Message to Dad

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PostSubject: Message to Dad   Message to Dad EmptyFri Nov 12, 2010 7:44 am

ME: *Throws in Drachma* Hephestus please! Hawaii, Honolulu, inside the volcano.
MIST: This regeon is to far. Please insert one more Drachma.
ME: *mumbles* Stupid greedy Iris. *mumbles* *Throws in another Drachma* Hephestus!
HEPHESTUS: Ack! Justin, you scared me, again!
MIST: *falters*
ME: Dad, I need to know who the Traitor is so I can inform Chiron.
MIST: *falters more*
HEPHESTUS: I'm... the Mist... altering... It's...
MIST: Something is interfering with message. ABORT ABORT! YOU LOSE!
Mysterious Voice: Mwahahahahaha!! You'll never ruin my plans! I have the plans for the Ultimabolt, I soon will steal something else, but don't worry, I won't tell what it is! Goodbye young demigod, have fun trying to stop me! Mwahahahahahaha!!
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Message to Dad
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