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All about the Greek gods. Who's your godly parent? Will you chose to join a hunt?
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 Message to Apollo!

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Message to Apollo! Empty
PostSubject: Message to Apollo!   Message to Apollo! EmptyTue Nov 23, 2010 4:25 am

Throws in drachma...

Me: Dad?
Apollo: yeh, what up?
Me: yeh dont ever say that.
ApolloL what ya mean what u ma homie?
Me: just wondering
Apollo: yes??
Me: Ya know how jason is stronger in me with power on instruments? How does it work now with his mum being another god? I mean he cant do everything?
Apollo: ahhh yes. Well your mother is a witch, meaning jason has usally been higher in music than you because you phocus on magic as well.But now that jason also as his mother being another godess, you are basically even
Apollo: you just want to be better dont you?
Apollo: Well your not im sorry.
Me: ugg, why did you have to be such a player as t have two kids!
Apollo: actually i have 5
Me: affraid "AVADA KADAVRA!"
Apollo: try it all you like im just a image in the mist, and im imortal..
Me: UGGG grrr! I know, if you were really here i wouldnt kill you, just seriously injure you.
Apollo: haha, you know hate me dont you?
Me: hate is such a strong word, i would use intensly dislike.
Apollo: run along bud.
Me: Twisted Evil wait till im master of music and healing king
Apollo: huh?
Me: nothing....
Apollo: Ok i gotta go now,
Me: why?
Apollo: well, the newsest mum to a demi-god is calling,probably going to ask why her daughter might be seeing visions of music and the future and why she somehow never hurts her self.
me: Lolz, see ya!
Apollo: catch you later aligator.
Me: dont say that either.
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Message to Apollo!
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